It is a relative young company, because the company was born only in the year 2000 and became operational in May 2005.
But the firm is not a new reality in the field of silverware, as not only the expansion of the sole proprietorship Monforte Benedict from whom he inherited the identification mark 205 PA.
Today the family Monforte and ' owner of a family business, which has in its staff a dozen collaborators, young but with a great experience in the sector.
The expansion of the size of the company and the transfer from a small workshop to a structure more suited to market requirements, is improving and engraving ' that always sets us apart.
Respect of securities (800% arg. and arg. 925%), attention to the "taste" of the product, to the proportions, to finishing and especially the seriousness of people working and directing the company are the characteristics that enhance objects we make.
The company manufactures within the full cycle of processing, drawing from small grains of pure silver (the bowl) of beautiful art objects in silver.
The strength of our production is rigorously handmade engraving,
As all stages of our production cycle of our products.
In addition we produce on request any object, even sacred silverware, taking care of details and finishing touches.
Moreover the company  also deals with repairing and polishing objects both in silver and other metals (such as copper or bronze...), bringing them back to the original shine and taking care of the smallest details.